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Medicinal CBD Hemp Oil, the Legal Alternative to Rick Simpson Oil:

The Story of Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson stumbled upon his cannabis treatment purely by accident. Before “Rick Simpson Oil” was well known, and long before cannabis was considered somewhat mainstream, Rick Simpson was an engineer working in a Canadian hospital in 1997.

Simpson was working in the hospital boiler room covering the asbestos on the hospital’s pipes with potent aerosol adhesive. The room was poorly ventilated and the toxic fumes caused a temporary nervous system shock, causing Simpson to collapse off his ladder and hit his head.

His injury severely affected his temper, his ability to concentrate, he suffered dizzy spells and this effected his life extremely. None of the medications doctors prescribed worked. After seeing the documentary, “The Nature of Things”, highlighting the positive benefits of using cannabis, Rick Simpson began to extract oil from the plant to use for treating his condition. Though the ringing was still there, the oil got it down to a manageable level. He was able to sleep again, his pain was under control, and so was his blood pressure. Rick Simpson had found relief.

Years later, three suspicious bumps appeared on Simpson’s arm. The doctor agreed that the bumps appeared to be cancerous and took a sample for a biopsy. The bumps turned out to be basal cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer. One spot was surgically removed, and the other two were to be removed some time later. As Rick Simpson recuperated, he recalled a 1974 news report that mentioned the effects of THC on cancer cells in mice. He tried the oil on his two remaining spots, and four days later they were gone. When the cancer that had been removed reappeared a few weeks later, he treated it with the oil, and again was healed.

Rick Simpson wanted the whole world to know about his discovery and started giving out his oil at no cost to cancer victims. Many were cured. As you would guess, most professionals in the medical field reacted negatively to Rick Simpson’s claims. He finally was able to present his story to a wider audience when filmmaker Christian Laurette made a documentary “Run From the Cure” about Rick Simpson’s discovery. The documentary prompted a study by Spanish researchers on human cancer patients that analyzed the effects of THC on cancer cells. The study found that THC had attacked the cancer cells while leaving healthy tissue surrounding it intact.

Rick Simpson does not make his oil for public consumption, he does not make and sell his oil and it is not legal to use in most places. This isn’t because it is derived from cannabis, but because it contains THC, the psychoactive compound in the plant. The only way to have his specific type paste is to make it yourself. Simpson has this recipe and instrction available on his website, Phoenix Tears. This is a quote from Rick off of his website:

“On countless occasions I’ve told the public that I don’t produce or supply the oil, because it is still against the law in many countries and I am not connected with anyone who claims that they are supplying “The Real Rick Simpson Oil”. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for me to put a stop to all those who supply what they say is my oil, but at least now the public knows the truth, so please be aware of this fact.”


There is another legal alternative, that is cannabidiol or CBD as it is commonly known.

Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cancer

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the other major cannabinoid found in cannabis sativa plants. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive so there is no “high” and it is currently being used to treat Epilepsy, MS, Parkinson’s, Autism, and many other conditions and diseases.

CBD lacks in clinical studies, but just like research surrounding THC, the number of studies is increasing, and initial findings are promising. We now know that CBD can slow the progress of breast cancer and reduce its aggressiveness. It may actually be more effective than THC. CBD was found to leave healthy tissue intact. Other studies have found that CBD is effective against prostate cancer and lung cancer as well.


Cannabis Oil in the form of CBD Hemp Oil is legal is ALL 50 States


  • In March, 2017, the DEA acknowledged that CBD sourced from industrial hemp cultivated lawfully pursuant to a State’s industrial hemp laws enacted under the 2014 US Farm Bill is legal. This is because “industrial hemp” is itself specifically excluded from the CSA’s definition of marijuana in Section 7606 of the Farm Bill. Since industrial hemp is excluded from the definition of the CSA, and a “product consist[ing] solely of parts of the cannabis plant excluded from the CSA definition of marijuana” is not included in the new drug code, then such product (in our case, CBD) is also excluded from the definition of marijuana under the CSA and is thus legal.

Furthermore, The Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2016 (P.L. 114-113) (“the Funding Act”), passed on December 18, 2015, contains a provision at section 763 that reads:

  • None of the funds made available by this act or any other act may be used… to prohibit the transportation, processing, sale or use of industrial hemp that is grown or cultivated in accordance with section 7606 of the Agricultural Act of 2014, within or outside the State in which the industrial hemp is grown or cultivated.”

*New Life Hemp Oil does notsSell THC oils. Nor do we suggest that we sell Rick Simpson Oil.

What Is The Best CBD Oil For Cancer ?

We recommend our strongest Cannabidiol Extracts:

Concentrated CBD extracts are made from aerial plant parts and are pure CBD oils co2 extracted from the cannbis sativa plant. These are the most potent oil on the market. Pure CBD oil extracts contain zero additives and are 3rd party lab texted for purity, bacteria, and heavy metals to ensure you are getting the best medicinal grade cannabidiol.

The three strongest we offer are:


Cannabidiol/CBD Oil Serving Dose:

Here’s how to dose our CBD oil extracts. We recommend that you squirt out about the size of a grain of rice. Place this under the tongue, close mouth and let it sit for about 90 seconds before swallowing. Do this three times each and every day. If you are using partially to help with aches, pains, or anxiety, you should see how you are feeling after five days. You may then increase the serving size to two, rice size pieces if you feel it is needed. When changing dosage, it is always wise to do it in five day increments so you may gauge your personal reaction.



The CBD oil extracts of 25% and 50% CBD become less paste like and become more like oil at this strength level. Please ease the product out of the tube carefully. If you push to hard you run the risk of it shooting out to fast, and too much. If this happens, try to scrape it up and put in a small jar or vile that may be capped. This will keep it fresh so you may still use it.


Just like any other vitamin, supplement or medication, results will vary by individual. You may require more or less CBD than the next person.


FDA Disclosure:

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.

Read more information on CBD oil for cancer and links to published research HERE.

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