Hemp Hookahzz CBD Vape Oil Cartridges (250mg-500mg CBD)


Hookahzz’s CBD oils not only provide the medicinal benefits of cannabidiol but with no additives, it is as natural as it gets! Enjoy the experience of hemp CBD oil with prefilled cartridges, available in multiple flavors and strengths.


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Hemp Hookahzz CBD Vape Oil Cartridges are prefilled with our pure Gold CBD Concentrate oil. Each cartridge contains 250mg or 500mg of CBD vape oil.

Hemp Hookahzz’s CBD vape oil is derived from Non-GMO cannabis where no pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers are ever used. No propylene glycol is added; our CBD E-Liquids are MCT Oil-based and manufactured in the USA and have third party lab tests to ensure the highest purity of our products.

Hemp Hookahzz Sizes Flavors and Ingredients

All Hemp Hookahzz CBD Vape Cartridges come in 1g sizes and are non-GMO and gluten-free! Any pure prefilled CBD cartridge on the market today will have a QR code you can scan to view the lab test associated with that batch and lot number. Each of the below flavors is tried and tested and contain no artificial additives. 

Pineapple Express CBD Vape

250mg CBD Oil, MCT Oil, Natural Pineapple flavoring


250mg CBD Oil, MCT Oil, Natural Melon flavoring


250mg CBD, MCT Oil, Natural Mint Flavoring 

500mg CBD, MCT Oil, Natural Mint Flavoring

Gold Oil – Natural

500mg CBD, MCT Oil

How To Use CBD Vapes

Simply attach the cartridge to a 510 vape pen or EVOD, and ensure the battery is lower than 5v. Anything above this could destroy the cartridge or burn the oil. 

Once the cartridge has been completely used, any flavor of Hemp Hookahzz E-Liquid may be used to refill it. Pull straight out to remove the mouthpiece, and then remove the small rubber plug to open the cartridge. Put the tip of your chosen refill E-Liquid bottle into the cartridge and invert until the cartridge has fully filled. Replace the small rubber plug to seal the cartridge. Push the mouthpiece back on until you hear it click into place. The cartridge is now ready to use again!


Pharma Hemp CBD

Pharma Hemp CBD is a premier, high quality, affordable hemp CBD brand. Pharma Hemp has been featured on Forbes, NBC, San Diego News, Yahoo! Health and Yahoo! Parenting, and more. Pharma Hemp uses legal, non-synthetic hemp CBD oil extracted from high-quality Colorado hemp plants. Hemp CBD oil is one of the most convenient ways to add hemp CBD to your diet. It’s safe for your pet too! Hemp Health is leading the revolution by providing quality products with an emphasis on health and wellness. All products are third-party lab tested to ensure quality assurance. If you’re ready to learn how to use hemp CBD oil in a way that benefits you, Paharm Hemp Health is ready to help!
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Flavors and Sizes

Pineapple Express 250mg, Melon 250mg, Mint 250mg, Gold (Natural) 500mg, Mint 500mg