Gold Label: CBD Hemp Oil 25%, 10 Gram

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Gold Label: CBD Hemp Oil 25%, 10 Gram

Gold Label: CBD Hemp Oil 25%, 10 Gram. Our Gold Label CBD Oil is our most potent high CBD hemp oil supplement available. The oil comes in oral syringes with concentration of 25% CBD, based on lab results of each batch. With only trace amounts of THC, High CBD Oil is a non-psychoactive supplement that remains legal to use across the United States and many countries – no card needed.

Gold Label: CBD Hemp Oil 25%, 10 Gram Instructions and Serving Size
Allow oil to come to room temperature before administering. We recommend experimenting to find the best daily regimen for you. Although there’s no set dosage, many report to taking the size of a grain of rice (or less) to be a sufficient daily intake. After the CBD has built up in your system, you may find that you can start taking less to get the same results.
There are approximately 39 rice-sized servings per 1 gram. At a 25% concentration, that’s 6.4mg CBD per rice-sized serving.
1. Squeeze the oil onto a spoon.
2. Place the oil under your tongue.
3. Swish around in your mouth for 60-90 seconds, then swallow.

Scientific research has shown that CBD rich treatments may be therapeutic for many conditions. Our customers purchase our CBD products to help relieve these conditions & more.

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