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THC Free CBD Tinctures (1500mg-3000mg CBD) – BePhenomenal



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THC Free CBD Tinctures – 99% Pure CBD

BePhenomenal THC free CBD tinctures are formulated with 99%+ CBD isolate, grown and processed in the United States. The CBD isolate in these tinctures go through a number of stages of processing to achieve a highly purified CBD isolate powder, leaving behind any traces of THC.

The first stage starts as hemp CBD biomass, which is Co2 extracted utilizing supercritical extraction techniques, then goes through a number of filtration steps including chromatography to remove remaining THC and impurities, once our CBD is isolated, it then goes through a process of breaking down the crystalline into a fine powder to maximize the absorption rate when ingested.

THC free tinctures like these from BePhenomenal are best for users seeking a product with no detectable amounts of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) in 3rd party COA (Certificate of Analysis) lab reports.


Two THC Free CBD Tincture Strengths – 1500mg & 3000mg

If you are looking for a pure CBD only product that is strong for your more serious issues, these two may be the right choice for you! If you are a beginner to CBD, the 1500mg option is likely the best place to start so you can get your body acquainted to CBD.

The 3000mg tincture is better for someone looking for a more potent serving size of CBD. Maybe they’ve been taking CBD for some time now, or have even worked with their doctor to get a recommendation for a higher dosage. Consulting with your doctor before taking any new supplements is always a good choice.

1500mg THC Free CBD Oil

The 1500mg bottle contains just two ingredients: CBD, and Olive Oil (carrier oil).

  • 1500mg CBD per 30ml bottle
  • 50mg CBD per 1ml dropper

High Strength 3000mg THC Free CBD Oil

Our THC free 3000mg tincture contains just two ingredients: CBD, and Olive Oil (carrier oil).

  • 3000mg CBD per 30ml bottle
  • 100mg CBD per 1ml dropper


Be Phenomenal CBD

Be Phenomenal Wellness Company offers the highest quality CBD products with your overall health in mind. Our CBD hemp oils are  made from US, organically grown plants.
BePhenomenal CBDa CBD 1500mg

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THC Free 1500mg, THC Free 3000mg