BePhenomenal CBD Tinctures – Levels 1-4 – (300mg-1500mg CBD/CBDa)


BePhenomenal CBD Tinctures are:

  • Distilled Full Spectrum CBD hemp oil
  • Offer Levels of 300-3000mg potencies
  • Offer terpene enhanced and THC Free options


Be Phenomenal CBD/CBDa Tincture Levels

BePhenomenal CBD tinctures with CBDa were created utilizing a potency level system (1-4) to help advanced users and beginners alike determine which product would be the best for them. Their next generation of signature line undergoes cold filtration to deliver a smooth/natural flavor while still retaining CBD’s natural form ‘CBDa’ which is typically converted to CBD due to a heat process of decarboxylation

After the oil has undergone cold filtration processes it is mixed in an MCT coconut oil which a lot of customers prefer due to the beneficial Medium Chain Triglycerides thought to aid in the digestion of cannabinoids including CBD.



Our LEVEL 1 CBD/CBDa tincture is formulated with 300mg CBD and CBDa for a person new to CBD products as it offers an introductory potency of cannabidiol ideal to experiment with when first starting out.

Ingredients and Potency:

CBD and CBDa rich full-spectrum oil, and MCT coconut oil

300mg CBD per 30ml bottle

10mg CBD per 1ml dropper



The Level 2 tinctures are formulated for a beginner to intermediate CBD user as they are more potent than the level 1 but not as strong as other levels. The level 2 Be Phenomenal tinctures also come in 2 variations, one with only CBD content and the other containing CBD and CBDa content depending on what you are looking for. They both contain 600mg of either CBD only or CBD/CBDa content.


CBD Only Version: Distilled Full Spectrum CBD hemp oil, and Olive Oil (carrier oil)

CBD + CBDa Version: CBDa Full Spectrum Oil, and MCT Coconut Oil. 600mg CBD per 

  • 600mg CBD or CBD/CBDa per 30 ml bottle
  • 20mg CBD per 1ml dropper


LEVEL 3 – BePhenomenal CBD Tinctures

Our LEVEL 3 Tincture is formulated for a person who has tried CBD before and is looking for something a stronger, but not too strong.


CBDa Full Spectrum Oil, and MCT Coconut Oil. 900mg CBD per 30ml bottle

30mg CBD per 1ml dropper



Our LEVEL 4 Tincture is formulated for a person who is experienced with using CBD and looking for the strongest strength full spectrum tincture. 


CBDa Full Spectrum Oil, and MCT coconut oil

1500mg CBD per 30ml bottle

50mg CBD per 1ml dropper



Be Phenomenal CBD

Be Phenomenal Wellness Company offers the highest quality CBD products with your overall health in mind. Our CBD hemp oils are  made from US, organically grown plants.
BePhenomenal CBDa CBD 1500mg

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