Is CBD Oil Legal In Maine

Is CBD Oil Legal In Maine

Is CBD Oil Legal to Buy In Maine ?

Yes, is CBD Oil Legal In Maine ! If you reside in Maine, you may purchase and consume pure CBD oil legally. As long as the CBD product you buy contains .3% THC or less, it is legal by federal law. We are happy to serve the state of Maine as the best resource for news, reviews and a great selection of medicinal hemp oil products.

  • In March, 2017, the DEA acknowledged that CBD sourced from industrial hemp cultivated lawfully pursuant to a State’s industrial hemp laws enacted under the 2014 US Farm Bill is legal. This is because “industrial hemp” is itself specifically excluded from the CSA’s definition of marijuana in Section 7606 of the Farm Bill. Since industrial hemp is excluded from the definition of the CSA, and a “product consist[ing] solely of parts of the cannabis plant excluded from the CSA definition of marijuana” is not included in the new drug code, then such product (in our case, CBD) is also excluded from the definition of marijuana under the CSA and is thus legal.

Furthermore, The Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2016 (P.L. 114-113) (“the Funding Act”), passed on December 18, 2015, contains a provision at section 763 that reads:

  • “None of the funds made available by this act or any other act may be used… to prohibit the transportation, processing, sale or use of industrial hemp that is grown or cultivated in accordance with section 7606 of the Agricultural Act of 2014, within or outside the State in which the industrial hemp is grown or cultivated.”


CBD ( Cannabidiol ) is the healthy active cannabinoid found in the hemp ( Cannabis ) plant and has zero psychotropic effects on the brain. This cannabinoid works in your body’s endocannabinoid system ( CB1 & CB2 receptors ) to improve your overall wellness. It may be taken as a daily supplement like a daily vitamin or taken to combat a vast list of health conditions.

New Life Hemp Oil Products

We provide our customers pure, medicinal grade CBD, sourced from the best makers in the US. We lab test the products we sell to ensure they contain the the CBD content that is stated. Not only do we lab test, but our staff, families, and friends test new products that are brought on board. We are passionate about cannabiniol and it’s many health benefits and want to share knowledge, news, reviews and great products with Maine and the other 49 states and US territories. We carry only the best products, CBD rich, medicinal and pure.

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CBD Oil For Sale – Legal In Maine

You may securely purchase our potent oil products here in our online store and we ship FREE to all us sates, no minimum purchase amount required. Have questions, feel free to reach out to us via, Facebook messaging on our page, call, or email us. We are here to help guide you to the right CBD product for you.

Maine Customers Benefit From CBD Oil

People in communities all over Maine and the rest of the US have found benefits and relief from so many conditions treated with cannabiniol. Such health conditions like, chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and seizures to name a few. Our oil products help our customers suffering from diseases such as, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, Cancer, Autism, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia and many more.

Get to Know CBD

Before you buy CBD oil from us, please read some testimonials, check out our CBD info page and Buyer’s Guide. Knowledge is key and so is knowing that you are buying the very best from us. Remember, it is legal, it won’t get you high, we have the best brands, we ship for free.

CBD Customer from Portland Maine Writes

” Thank you for providing so much helpful information and an easy buying experience. I started out with tasty drops tincture and within a few days noticed a difference in my level of neck and back pain. I have been able to reduce the amount and frequency of pain med I’ve been taking. Per your suggestion, I moved up to the raw green label extract and whoa, that helped the pain even more ! My everyday quality of mobility has greatly improved, amazing. ” Thank you – Missy

Final Note From New Life Hemp Oil

Nature provides us with wonderful, healthy alternatives to help fight the conditions we suffer from. We owe it to our bodies, to learn and investigate all natural possibilities. So much research and anecdotal evidence has shown the healing benefits of CBD and it is overwhelmingly positive. Ancient Egyptians knew the healing powers of this fantastic plant and we are learning more about it every day.

Live the life nature intended, in mind, body and spirit !

Be Well,


We exist to provide you Pure, Medicinal Grade, CBD Oil and information on CBD’s many health benefits. Our strong CBD oil products from hemp are the strongest on the market and legal in ALL 50 US states. All available to buy here in our CBD Oil shop, and we ship anywhere in the US for FREE.

New Life Hemp Oil’s Cannabidiol – Pure, Medicinal Grade, CBD Oil, comes from non-psychotropic Cannabis Sativa hemp plants. Thousands of research articles point to the many health benefits of CBD rich oils. According to pre-clinical trials, CBD is anti-convulsive, sedative, anti-psychotic, anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory, and CBD Oil extracts may kill or reduce cancer cells.


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.