CBD Oil Product Types

CBD Oil Product Types

CBD Oil Product Categories Types

CBD Oil Product Types

Let’s talk about the different  CBD Oil Product Types on the market.
Many people hear about CBD in the news, a magazine, or from friends, and after researching a bit about it for themselves decide to make that first step to try it. But then they search for these products and realize there are  many different forms and methods of taking CBD. It can be very overwhelming and confusing. So we hope to arm you with enough knowledge that you’ll have a better idea of what method is best for you.
We’ve laid out several different types of products. We have thick, very concentrated oils; tinctures (also called drops); vape oil; edibles; and capsules.

Concentrated, Pure CBD Oil

This is a pure, CBD-rich hemp oil product. By pure I mean there’s nothing else added, it’s just hemp oil with naturally occurring CBD. It comes in an oral syringe like this. You just press down here to dispense the oil onto your finger or a spoon. The consistency of this product is like a thick paste, and it’s very dark in color.
What you want to do with this is dispense however much you want onto your finger or a spoon and either apply it under your tongue or on the inside of your cheek – whatever you find works best for you. Leave it there for about a minute and then swallow. Some oil might get stuck on the surface of your teeth or lips, so you might want to rinse afterwards with water, or just brush your teeth – which will also help get rid of the earthy taste.
The concentration of CBD in this type of product is usually very high. The strength is described using a percentage. For instance, this one is 12% CBD. That means there’s 120mg of CBD per gram.

Why Use Concentrated CBD Oils?

These highly concentrated oils are great for anyone wanting to supplement a very large amount of CBD into their diet, such as 20mg or more daily. You also get more CBD for your money than you do with other products because no other ingredients are added. However, if you only want to consume a small amount of CBD daily, this product may be too concentrated for you. If you’re wondering how much CBD you should take, that’s something we encourage you to research and experiment with. Everyone seems to be different when it comes to dosage and everyone has different reasons for adding CBD into their diet, which may affect how much you want to use.

CBD Oil Tincture Drops

Tinctures are a great entry level product for most people looking to start taking CBD. It’s a liquid, dispensed with a dropper top —or sometimes a spray top. These are very easy to use, leave no mess, and are flavored to mask some of that earthy taste. They’re less concentrated than the oils we just talked about. For example, the 1g tube has 120mg of CBD while this tincture has 250mg. So the tincture has more CBD, but it’s also a larger volume of product and will take you longer to use. In other words, you’d need to consume more of the drops to get the same amount of CBD as a small section of the paste.
This is because tinctures have other ingredients added in to dilute it — like grapeseed oil and hemp seed oil. The benefit of tinctures is you can easily adjust your desired serving size. So if you want to take just, say, 5mg of CBD daily, you can do that with this product. But with the pure oil, it’s actually so concentrated that it’s pretty much impossible to take just 5mg of CBD at a time.
To use a tincture, you want to first shake it up really well to evenly distribute the CBD. Then fill the dropper with oil and squeeze the oil under your tongue. Just like with the concentrated oil, you want to hold it there for 60-90 seconds and then swallow.

Why Use CBD Oil Tinctures?

If you’re unsure where to start, tinctures would likely be our suggestion to you. They last a long time and are very flexible in terms of getting that exact dosage you’re looking for.

CBD Vape Oil & e-liquids

Vaping is a very common method of taking CBD. Between all of these products, vapes are by far the most popular – with the pure oils being a close second.
Vaping can be fun and relaxing by itself, so paired with CBD vape oil and great flavor, you can see why it’s so popular.
Also, if you’re sensitive to the strong hempy taste in most CBD products, you’ll be happy with this. Vape lines normally carry a variety of flavors. For instance this is by Alternate Vape, which comes in many flavors. It even has tobacco flavors, but of course there’s no tobacco in it.
Aside from the flavor, we know people looking for these products care mainly about CBD content. So what can you get with a vape oil?
This particular vape line offers a larger range of strengths than most. You can select a strength of 25mg CBD, up to 300mg. So it’s very flexible.

Why Use CBD Vape Oil ?

Vaping is a great option for people who currently smoke or vape already, and for those who want a simple way to take CBD. For many people, vaping is easy to stick to because it’s fun, relaxing, and tastes great. Because vapes come in so many different strengths, you can achieve a low or high daily CBD goal.

Tasty CBD Chews – Edibles

Edibles are an easy and enjoyable way of taking CBD. It doesn’t provide high CBD doses and is more of a nice way for maintaining a daily small dose. Our Tasty CBD Chews have CBD and an extra punch of 100mg of caffeine !

CBD Oil Product Types

CBD Oil Product Types

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