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CBD Oil Michigan – Is it Legal? (and the Best Michigan CBD Brands)


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Disclaimer: The following information is based entirely on our own independent research. While the intent of the NLHO team is to provide accurate and current information from credible state-run websites and resources, we are not lawyers or legal experts. Therefore, none of the following information should be interpreted as legal advice.

Best CBD Oils in Michigan

New Life Hemp Oil is here to educate you about the best CBD oil in Michigan, the laws around it, and where you can buy. We’ll walk you through some important points to know about hemp-derived CBD in Michigan and what to look for. Also, we’ll provide the legal status of cannabidiol and products available to you today in Michigan.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Michigan?

Yes, CBD oil is legal in Michigan, as long as the product is made from industrial hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC. For CBD oil to be legal in Michigan it will also need an associated 3rd party lab test for every batch manufactured to confirm cannabinoid content as well as heavy metals, pesticides, molds, and more. 

That said, CBD oil is prohibited from being used as a food or beverage additive or marketed as a dietary or daily supplement following current FDA regulations.

CBD oil products can be purchased online in Michigan as well as at your local vape shop, health food store, or dispensary for example. Hemp CBD products may be found from Detroit to Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo to Traverse City, and more. While this may be a good thing, the quality of CBD oil available in these shops may be questionable.

The best way to purchase is through a seller that is a specialist in the industry and may answer your questions promptly and based on their extensive knowledge. It’s also important to do plenty of research to find a good, high-quality brand you can trust. Always be sure to obtain a third-party lab test for your product before purchasing. If one cannot be provided, buy somewhere else. 

Michigan CBD Hemp Laws

Michigan CBD Laws and licenses will continuously be updated as the entire cannabis industry moves forward into legalization. Thought CBD is legal in Michigan, it is still best practice to carry a COA lab test with you when traveling to the Mitten State with your CBD oil, just in case. You likely won’t be asked to provide this documentation, but it will come in handy just in case you are.

Below here is The State of Michigan’s official statements around the legality of cannabidiol as of today (July 2020).

“March 29, 2019 – The Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) and the Michigan Dept of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD) issued joint guidance regarding CBD (cannabidiol) and industrial hemp.

From the Marijuana Regulatory Agency:

  • CBD products produced from marijuana will not be regulated as marijuana if the THC content is below 0.3%.
  • Edible marijuana products containing CBD made by licensed processors may only be produced using CBD obtained from regulated sources. Currently, these regulated sources include state of Michigan licensed growers or processors under the MMFLA.
  • MRA is in the process of writing administrative rules under the MMFLA and MRTMA to determine the methods for industrial hemp grown under the Industrial Hemp Research and Development Act to be transferred to licensed marijuana facilities. Until the administrative rules are written, there is no authorized method for licensed facilities to obtain industrial hemp.
  • Only facilities licensed by the Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) under the MMFLA can commercially grow, process, and sell marijuana and marijuana products.
  • MRA does not regulate marijuana or marijuana products grown or produced by registered qualifying patients or designated primary caregivers under the MMMA or individuals over 21 for personal use under the MRTMA.”


  • Marihuana (legal term) or Marijuana (common term): the plant Cannabis sativa L. with delta-9-THC concentrations above 0.3%. Includes products made from the marijuana plant, but excludes stalks, products made from the stalks, and some products made from seeds.
  • Industrial Hemp: the plant Cannabis sativa L. with delta-9-THC concentrations below 0.3%. Includes products made from the industrial hemp plant.
  • CBD (Cannabidiol): a substance derived from cannabis plants that does not have psychoactive effects.”

Along with hemp being legal in Michigan, it is also legal on a federal level with the 2018 Farm Bill becoming law on December 20th, 2018. This removes hemp (defined as cannabis with less than 0.3% THC) from Schedule I controlled substances and making it an ordinary agricultural commodity until the FDA can establish further guidelines. We are still waiting for the FDA to establish said guidelines. 

CBD Oil For Sale in Michigan

There are several types of legal Michigan CBD oil product types. One of the more popular are CBD tinctures. Another choice is CBD capsules and softgels. For those with a sweet-tooth, edibles are nice in the form of gummies and even chocolates or other edible infusions.

We mentioned earlier CBD is not legal in Michigan as a food or beverage *additive*. This is why the chocolates, gummies, and similar types of products are legal because the CBD has already been previously infused into the product, and then lab tested. It would not be legal in Michigan for a coffee shop to sell drops of CBD into their coffee, as that would be considered an additive. 

If you like to vape, CBD vape cartridges and e-liquids are also legal in Michigan as long as they are not marketed or created with flavors that could be seen as advertising to children. 

With the laws loosening in Michigan around hemp, many excellent, trustworthy brands have started to form across the state. Here is a list of our favorite CBD Brands in Michigan so far. 

Michigan CBD Brands

There are some fantastic Michigan CBD manufacturers that offer premium hemp oil products with trusted lab results. These well-known brands offer a wide range of products made from 100% US grown plants, some grown in Michigan!

Made By Hemp

Made by Hemp Brand is a small Michigan hemp company and a trusted source for high-quality hemp products. Founded in 2013, Made by Hemp is dedicated to producing the best products as well as the research and development of new exciting products. ALL products manufactured by Made by Hemp are made from materials sourced in the United States.

BePhenomenal Wellness Co.

Plants are the magic ingredient behind every Be Phenomenal product. BePhenomenal Wellness Co only uses ingredients beneficial to their formulations. When it comes to quality, no expense is spared. BePhenomenal Wellness Company’s goal is to create solution-based CBD hemp oil using all herbal and natural ingredients, for issues ranging from inflammation, anxiousness, muscle soreness, relaxation, and much more. 

BePhenomenal CBD only utilizes US grown industrial hemp plants, rich in cannabidiol and other key cannabinoids for their formulations.

Tasty Hemp Oil

Tasty Hemp Oil is a Michigan-based company producing the best-tasting full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil products. Founded to help people with the power of nature, Tasty Hemp Oil features the highest quality hemp products for the whole family. And they’re ALL full-spectrum.

Tasty Hemp’s tinctures, edibles, capsules, and pet products are manufactured in their Michigan facility to guarantee high-quality standards are met. Each product is developed with a focus on natural taste, potency, and efficacy.

Proprietary Hemp Extract

Proprietary Hemp Extracts are hemp extract CBD oil concentrates and are a more raw and high potency form of CBD products. They are also the second most popular CBD type, tinctures being number one. Proprietary Hemp Extract concentrates are extracted directly from the hemp plant and contain no additives. We enjoy these as they are the best way to take CBD oil without added ingredients, and because of the lack of other ingredients, you can use these concentrates to easily make your own tinctures or up the potency on products you’ve already purchased. 

Can I Ship CBD to Michigan?

Yes, you can ship CBD to Michigan. If you prefer to purchase products online and have them delivered, eCommerce stores like New Life Hemp Oil ship from and to Michigan residents. Most CBD orders online arrive in 5-7 business days or less if faster shipping is available.

Final Thoughts On Michigan CBD

As you can see, CBD products are readily available in Michigan and can be bought both in-store and online. Do your homework to discover the best CBD from reputable brands like the Michigan brands mentioned above. It is also important to buy from a trusted source that specifically specializes in cannabis oil in Michigan. You may have questions on what is the best product for you that only an expert may answer. We’re happy to help with any CBD questions, feel free to reach out anytime and one of our experts will gladly assist.


Be well!

-NLHO Team

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