CBD Oil Buyer's Guide

CBD Oil Buyer’s Guide

CBD Oil Buyer's Guide

CBD Oil Buyer’s Guide

How To Buy CBD Oil ? Which CBD Product Is Right For Me ?

Our CBD Oil Buyer’s Guide can help ! You may have been shopping around for CBD-rich hemp oil, you will notice a discrepancy in pricing between products that appear to be pretty much the same thing. This guide will discuss the differences among various types of products and clearly lay out your options, including the generic things to look for.

A.) About CBD

Before we dive into what to look for, let’s take a look at our subject, CBD. While education on the compound is growing, many people still hold misconceptions about CBD. You already know about marijuana, but you may not know that the reason it gives users a high is due to the levels of the component THC. Cannabis plants can be grown for all different strengths of THC and CBD and therefore cause different effects.

CBD is completely and utterly different from THC. It does not cause a high, and it does not make you paranoid.
We’ve seen huge outbursts in research on CBD for its potential anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-seizure, and anti-tumor properties. While more research is needed to verify those claims, CBD has proven itself safe. If one were to consume a very large amount, they would likely just desire a good night’s sleep.
We continually watch for new research in the CBD world to bring you even more information, intended to keep you informed on CBD’s potential. We hope to bring you clear, professional information to make it easy to understand anything you want to know.

B.) What to Look for in CBD Products

Concentration of CBD. The amount of CBD in a product may range from 3mg to 2,000mg+. These are dietary supplements, so there is no set dosage that’s guaranteed to be optimal for everyone. A mix of research and trail/error is a necessary part of finding the right amount for your individual needs.
Additionally, compare the CBD amount to the total volume of product. For instance, you may see two vape oils with 50mg of CBD; one is in a 10ml bottle and the other a 5ml bottle. The 5ml bottle won’t last as long as the 10ml, however each puff off your vaporizer will have more CBD than it would with the 10ml, because it’s more concentrated (less “filler”). Also consider, a 5ml with 50mg of CBD is the same exact concentration as a 10ml with 100mg of CBD.
Method of intake If you’re going to invest in a CBD supplement, make sure you understand how to take the product and if that method is right for you. While lotions and balms may be worth trying for certain visible skin issues, they may not be right for assisting something sub-dermal. Below you’ll see information about several types of supplements.
Other ingredients (i.e. terpenes)CBD may not be the only important thing to look for in your supplement. Although CBD is a hot topic right now, research suggests it me be more beneficial with the so called “entourage effect” when mixed with terpenes. Terpenes are organic hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of plants. However understudied, researchers have recently suggested that they may possess anti-inflammatory properties. Terpenes are responsible for the varying, unique smells experienced with cannabis. The most common terpenes include limonene, myrcene, alpha-pinene, linalool, among others.
Don’t give up if one thing doesn’t workIf a product doesn’t seem to work for you, consider trying a higher concentration in another form. If you bought something without terpenes, try one that does have them (or if vaping, add your own). With a growing market, unfortunately and inevitably comes the snake oil. As a constant tester of new products, we’re frustrated by the amount of incorrectly labeled products. If you’re set on investing in any CBD product for overall wellness and consistent usage, you may consider having a small sample tested by a local cannabis testing lab.

C.) Product Categories
Click here to watch our video discussing the differences between CBD products.
Now let’s look at a few of the common types of CBD hemp oil supplements. These are listed in order from the lowest CBD strength to the highest according to the max strengths of each category available in our store.

Hemp Oil Topicals
10mg ~ 50mg CBD There are several CBD-infused topicals available on the market such as salves and lotions.
Popular brands: Hempotion, +CBD Oil

CBD Vape Oils
25mg ~ 300mgVaping is a great way to supplement CBD and, unlike most other options, tastes fantastic. There’s still research that needs to be done surrounding vaporizing, but studies show it to be safer than smoking. In our lab, we make vape oil ranging from 25mg to 300mg of CBD. They are tobacco free and virtually THC free. It may be worth trying one with a proprietary blend of terpenes in addition to the CBD.
These vape oil, of course, require a vaporizer. They work with most 510, wickless vaporizers. There are a few options available in our store. If you don’t already have a vaporizer, you can get discounted vape oil by buying one in a kit.
View all CBD vape products here.

CBD Oil Buyer’s Guide

Hemp Oil Drops/Tincture
100mg ~ 500mg CBD Hemp oil drops, such as Tasty Drops, are dietary supplements in a liquid form. This type of product will come in a sub-lingual tincture. In layman’s term, that just means a glass bottle with contents meant explicitly for oral use. This oil is placed under the tongue (hence the “sub-lingual” part), held in the mouth for a certain period of time, and then swallowed. During your shopping experience, you’ll notice sometimes these will come in a bottle with a dropper top, and other times with a sprayer top. The spray tops are considered quicker, and the dropper more accurate. Neither is necessarily better than the other, this is purely personal preference.
Hemp oil drops are great for those who do not wish to smoke or vape. While there are more potent forms of hemp oil supplements (see “Hemp Oil Tubes”), those are not flavored like the drops are. While there will always be a slight hempy taste, with the exception of some vapes, the drops are normally available in an assortment of flavors. Personally, we believe cinnamon and peppermint flavors do the best at masking that earthy tone, but of course don’t touch them if you dislike these flavors (they’re strong). Other flavor options range from vanilla to berry.
Popular brands: Tasty Hemp Oil, US Hemp Wholesale
View all hemp oil tinctures here.

CBD Oil Tubes (Oral Syringes)
18% ~ 30% The highest concentrations of CBD in hemp supplements are normally found in tubes, or oral syringes. It comes in either a paste or gel substance and ranges in color from black to bright orange. Just like the drops, this type of supplement goes under the tongue, where it’s suggest you hold it for 60-90 seconds before swallowing to let the oil absorb into your body. Because this type of supplement is so strong, you can take just a small amount instead of several dropper fills from a liquid tincture. Dosage is completely up to you based off recommendations from your doctor and what you’ve learned through your own testing.
You’ll notice the CBD in this product is measured in percentage. Don’t let this confuse you, it can easily be converted into milligrams. For example, 12% means there is 120mg of CBD per gram. So multiply the amount of grams by 120 to find the total amount of CBD. If we do this, we’ll find a 10 gram tube with 12% CBD has 1,200mg of CBD (10 x 120).

Our CBD Pure Concentrated Extracts

  • Raw Green Version
  • Blue Version
  • Gold Version

When the oil is extracted from the hemp plant and does not go through any other processes, we get the Raw Green version.

Moving forward, the oil is heated in a lab to extract CO2; a process known as decarboxylation. This “activates” all the acid version of the cannabinoids. We now have the Blue version.

The final step is filtering the oil. This removes most of the extra plant parts and turns the thick, dark paste into an orange-tinted gel substance. The oil will now have a higher concentration by volume, but may contain fewer phytonutrients than the unfiltered versions. This is the Goldversion.

See all Medical Grade CBD oil tubes/oral syringes here.

Tasty Chews – Edibles
Edibles are an easy and enjoyable way of taking CBD. It doesn’t provide high CBD doses and is more of a nice way for maintaining a daily small dose. Our Tasty CBD Chews have CBD and an extra punch of 100mg of caffeine !

CBD Oil Product Types Video

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