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About us New Life Hemp Oil Story Our CBD Oil Journey

About Us New Life Hemp Oil

A little about us – New Life Hemp Oil has been serving our valued customers since December, 2015. We’re a small, specialized company, that strives to bring you the best cannabidiol (CBD) rich products, bar none. We know there is a lot of confusing information out there regarding cannabidiol. Our goal is simply to provide you the most accurate and helpful information possible. Hopefully you’ll learn a bit more about CBD/cannabidiol and perhaps we may help you or someone you care about, relieve some personal afflictions.

New Life Hemp Oil Story

New Life Hemp Oil is the leader in CBD ( Cannabidiol ) hemp products. Our focus is to provide the highest quality, CBD oil products online. We are dedicated to improving our community through education and providing innovative industrial hemp Cannabidiol Oil.

New research and anecdotes are leading people to become more accepting of, and more educated on cannabis, allowing the hemp industry to make an exciting impact on personal health. With the right amount of care and honesty in educating our customers, we offer these outstanding CBD health products.

The Leading CBD Hemp Provider

More about us: New Life Hemp Oil specializes in friendly sales of high-quality hemp nutritional products and dietary supplements. All of our products are laboratory tested in multiple facilities by third parties to ensure purity, safety, and consistency – we retain the test results to prove it.

At New Life Hemp Oil, we strive to offer only the most eclectic, trusted, and effective CBD products. Upon request, we can readily provide our customers with certificates of analysis (COAs) for all the products we offer.

Our product lines are now manufactured at a FDA-registered lab in Michigan, so we’re excited to have more opportunity to create and maintain strict quality and safety guides with our trusted manufacturer.

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More About Us & The Owner – Jeff

The Short Story: For years, Jeff’s personal mission was to find an all natural treatment to help his daughter relieve symptoms related to Autism. A beautiful, non-verbal little girl who suffers from anxiety, mood swings, and ADHD, among others. After seeing some hopeful news about a CBD rich oil ( Charolette’s Web )made in Colorado by a well know grower, Jeff went into research mode. This lead to the eventual use of CW for about a year. With some small victories, but finding it difficult to cover the costs of CW, the treatment was stopped. This was partially due to the fact that she would swallow the oil immediately, which is not the best method for entering the Endocannabidoid System. Held for 90 seconds, sublingually ( under the tongue ) is the most efficient route. So basically, she was not receiving the full CBD dose.

Fast forward to Jeff finding a company, right out his back door, manufacturing CBD rich products. Serendipity, Luck, Kismet  ? . . . maybe. Of course, their product must be tried and tested by Jeff & his wife before giving it to their daughter. Within 5 days of taking the Raw, Green Label oil at night just before bed, Jeff’s sleep quality increased with each passing night. Also tested, was the cinnamon flavored Tasty Drops, specifically hoping it would alleviate sinus and stress headaches for Jeff and his wife. It did just that, for both of them. With these successes, it was decided it was time to start their daughter on one of these cannabidiol products. The Raw, Green Label is like a oily paste rather than liquid oil. This makes it much easier for the CBD to stay in her mouth for 1-2 minutes and be absorbed, unlike the Charlottes’s Web that she immediately swallowed. Within a few weeks, changes in her behavior became less frantic, she appeared to be more at peace within her body and mind, anger outbursts significantly decreased. This drove Jeff & his wife to explore all the other reported success stories of how CBD has changed peoples lives, and yes, even reports of some cancers being cured or significantly reduced. Their mission, get the word out, offer the best products at good prices, help people, spend more time with family & friends, and make a decent living. Of course, like anything else, results may vary by individual. All of us here at New Life Hemp Oil, live a CBD Kind Of Life and we wish you all the very best !

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.

In addition to the above disclaimer, however, it is interesting to note: The United States Government has a patent on Cannabibiol.


*We Recommend You Visit Project CBD To Learn Much More About CBD Research


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